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Academic Affairs and Potential for Development – (a) What are the courses now being offered? (b) How many students are there in each of the courses being offered now? (c) What is the process of selection of students for admission? (d) What is the maximum intake that the college has had in the past five years? (Provide detailed break-up) (e) What is the duration and normal schedule for teaching in the college? (Enclose timetable used during the last year/semester) (f) How many classes does a student have to attend on an average working day? (g) How often is attendance taken? (h) Who keeps the attendance register after work hours? (i) What percentage of students live in the locality and what percentage commute from outside the area? (j) Are there periodic examinations conducted by the college to assess the progress of learning in students? (k) Who supervises the regularity and quality of teaching and under what procedure? (l) How does the management ensure that classes are held regularly? (m) Give details of how many students the college has admitted in the first Ll.B. class and how many it presented for the third Ll.B. examinations and how many have passed (with distinctions if any) during the last five years. (n) What are the outstanding academic achievements of the college in legal learning? (o) What evidence is there to show research accomplishment of the faculty? (Enclose data separately of each) (p) Does the college publish any journal? (Give details and enclose copies) (q) What is the system in place for practical training for students? (Give details) (r) Does the college students/staff involve themselves in legal aid activities? (Give details) (s) Names of teachers handling the practical training courses. (t) What problems are perceived in imparting practical training? (u) Has the college introduced the curriculum prescribed by the Bar Council of India? (v) Does the college follow an annual or semester system?

Attention: Law Schools – In accordance with the decision of the Legal Education Committee on April 30, 2010, each law school/college is required to report compliance with Legal Education Rules, 2008. The deadline for the submission of the same is 5 PM, July 15, 2010. The same may be emailed to dle@barcouncilofindia.org.

Affiliation and recognition of colleges and universities – The Bar Council of India visits and inspects Universities/Law colleges in the country as part of its statutory function of promoting legal education and laying down standards in consultation with the Universities in India and the State Bar Councils. The inspections are carried out in the existing law colleges to consider whether such colleges can be allowed to be continued and also to concise. Granting of approval of affiliation to new law colleges when thev apply to the Bar Council of India for imparting LL.B. courses.