From The Secretary's Desk

R.A. Khan

I behold with immense satisfaction the progress of Imamul Hai Khan Law College. It has remained faithful to my vision of a great college and has emerged as a premier institution in the Jharkhand state at Bokaro.

I have the privilege to be the founder of this institution and thus have witnessed its every activity since its inception. I admit that it is the outcome of dedication and hardwork of teaching and non- teaching staff of the college.

I wish and pray that Imamul Hai Khan Law College will continue to soar higher in keeping with the motto, instilling in each of its students the value of life and education. If we succeed in imbibing in them, the external values of trust, honesty, service before self and our country will have no parallel.

Never has the need been greater than today for educational institutions to be beacons for the youth to ascertain what is right for them and grow into morally, bright, responsive humans and responsible citizen of the world. Imamul Hai Khan Law College has fulfilled every commitment by empowering every student who has entered its portal with courage of conviction and strength of character to tide over the trials and tribulation of life.

Amid all the usual impedimenta of life, Imamul Hai Law College organises on 22nd December death anniversary of late Imamul Hai Khan every year by reiterating commitment towards the vision.

Last but not the least I wish the staff and the students success in all their future endeavours.

Dr. R. A. Khan
Imamul Hai Khan Law College

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